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California Supplemental Exam


(Attempt # 2 Shown below)

I'm Not an Architect yet!!

My first job as an architectural draftsman was with

Edward Durrell Stone Architects under Steve Barrick Architect on site during construction of the Eisenhower Medical Center's East Wing Addition (Cardiovascular Wing) In 1976.


I was fortunate enough to have accumulated a couple of years of apprenticeship & practical experience working on high end custom residential projects while obtaining my Associate Arts Degree in Architecture from the

College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA in June of 1979.

Architectural firms included

(before, between & after University, respectively)


Edward Durrel Stone, Architects

Patrick Evan Sheehy Architect (Architecture and Land Planning)

Palm Desert, CA


Patrick Evan Sheehy Architect (Architecture and Land Planning)

Palm Desert, CA

Steven H. Sullivan, Architect & General Contractor

Francisco J. Urrutia Architects


Walling & McCallum Architects Ltd, Indian Wells, CA

Aubrey Moore Architect, Davis, CA

Fisher Friedman Architects, San Francisco, CA

Kurtzman Kodama Architects, San Francisco, CA

Hood Miller Architects, San Francisco, CA

Mark Brand Architect, San Francisco, CA

M. Dean Jones Architect, Tiburon, CA

Holden & Johnson Architects, Palm Desert. CA

Universities attended: Arizona State University (Pre architecture)

and then the University of New Mexico's School of Architecture & Planning.

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